Our Attorneys & Staff

Who We Are

Fisher Maas Howard Lloyd & Wheeler is small by choice, not by chance. The Firm’s attorneys and staff have been together for many years and have developed strong working relationships. Because of that, our clients can count on a legal team that will provide them with consistency throughout the course of their case. We look forward to working with you.

Lisa Kruger, Angi Bailey, and Desiree Scott

Our Attorneys & Staff

Rebecca J. Maas


Kimberly E. Howard


Marc Lloyd


Steve Wheeler


Michael Rogers


Donna H. Fisher

Director/Of Counsel

Aimee Rivera Cole


Levy Wash


Lisa Kruger

Paralegal to Kim Howard

Desiree Scott

Paralegal to Marc Lloyd, Steve Wheeler, and Jim Cavanaugh

Teresa Tirro

Legal Assistant to Marc Lloyd, and Jim Cavanaugh

Sharon Navarro

Legal Assistant to Becky Maas & Kim Howard


Legal Assistant to Steve Wheeler, Michael Rogers, and Donna Fisher

Tammy Doddridge

Secretary to Kim, Levy and Austin

Lisa Warman

Office Manager & Billing Specialist

Stacy Fox

Assistant Office Manager