Fire Loss

When Experience Matters Most

Choosing The Right Fire Loss Attorney

A number of the Firm’s attorneys have had many years experience in representing property owners, businesses and their insurers on claims arising out of explosion and fire loss. Over the years, we have handled a wide variety of cases including cases arising from gas explosions, construction accidents, faulty products, simple candles and arson. We know how to defend fire loss and explosion cases and offer a prompt claim response.


Prompt Claim Response

  1. We will visit and secure the scene upon notice of a claim.
  2. We will conduct a timely site investigation.
  3. We will retain an Origin and Cause Expert meeting NFPA standards to review the scene before it is altered.
  4. We will contact and coordinate our site visit with the Fire Marshall or local authorities.
  5. We will obtain relevant witness statements.
  6. We will see that all physical evidence is preserved.
  7. We will identify all possible sources of subrogation and notify them of any inspection to avoid spoliation claims.
  8. If necessary, we will take an examination under oath of anyone suspected of causing the loss under any insurance policy at issue.

If litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys offer our clients an extensive record of success at trial on these types of claims.

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