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Products Liability is the area of law under which manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and others can be held responsible for placing a defective product into the stream of commerce causing harm or for failing to warn the consumer about known risks.  Our Products Liability attorneys have represented a wide range of clients against injury claims alleged to have been caused by a variety of items including industrial products such as elevators and conveyor belts; consumer products such as cleaners, electrical appliances and food additives; and, commercial products such as fireworks and insulation, for example. We have worked closely with experts on all types of products to defend these types of claims and to establish available defenses which can include misuse of the product and failure to follow clear warnings. If you have received a claim involving a product you are alleged to have provided to a consumer, no matter how complex that claim or the number of parties involved, our Products Liability attorneys are ready to help.

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