Practice Areas

Legal Practice Areas

Fisher Maas Howard Lloyd & Wheeler offers effective advocacy based upon many years of experience gained defending cases for a wide variety of clients. We offer a commitment to excellence based on values derived from working in a small firm. Our Firm provides a relationship you can count on regardless of the size or nature of your case. Our attorneys are busy people and know that you are too. We will work with you to reach the resolution of your case most important to you whether that resolution is a practical and economic compromise or a “no-holds-barred” defense.

What You Can Expect

  • Regardless of the size of your case, you will be working with an experienced litigator.
  • You will work, more often than not, directly with one of our principals.
  • Typically, your attorney will know the attorney on the other side of the case, will have had cases against that attorney, and will be able to tell you what to expect.
  • Your attorney will be familiar with the court where the case is filed and the Judge on your case.
  • You will get to know our staff and find them to be responsive, trained and experienced.


We have experience with matters in the Indiana Court of Appeals, State Supreme Court, and 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.


When you have a matter alleging tort damages for odor or trespass due to CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) or AFO (Animal Feeding Operation), you need an attorney with an understanding of the unique issues specific to these cases, and one who has actually handled the defense of such a case. 

Civil Rights / §1983

Our Civil Rights attorneys have defended cases covering police misconduct, excessive force, improper use of restraint, police pursuit, first amendment violations, due process claims, cruel and unusual punishment claims, and equal protection claims.

Commercial Collections

Our Commercial Collections attorneys know the most effective way to get your business paid as expediently as possible.  We can assist you in collecting unpaid accounts and can advise you on the steps to take to reduce the risk of nonpayment in the future.

Construction Liability / Construction Defects

We provide you with a road map to navigate the often complex area of construction law and defend the claim against you based upon hard earned experience in Indiana’s courts.

Environmental / Toxic Tort

In Indiana, environmental and toxic tort law evolves quickly. The State and federal case law and statutes which govern claims for environmental spills, pollution clean-up, cost recovery and damages in Indiana change frequently. Our environmental attorneys have practiced in this area of the law as it has changed and can successfully guide clients through the intricacies of an appropriate response.

Estate Planning / Administration

 Estate administration can be complicated and, at times, contentious.  The Firm’s years of experience in litigation and dispute resolution puts us in a position to assist you in resolving any dispute that arises along the way.

Fire Loss

When a fire claim occurs, you may find that you need legal assistance involving causation and damages. The defense attorneys at Fisher Maas Howard Lloyd & Wheeler P.C. have years of experience in all aspects of fire claims from inception through trial.


Whether you need a coverage opinion, declaratory judgment to be filed, or a defense in a coverage lawsuit, our coverage attorneys can assist you in any of your insurance coverage needs.

Mediation / Alternative Dispute Resolution

Donna Fisher, Becky Maas, and Kim Howard are civil mediators and bring with them an understanding from all sides of a dispute. Donna, Becky, and Kim, as practicing attorneys, have likely had cases similar to yours.

Premises Liability

Owners, managers, or service providers of or at a commercial property may find themselves subject to a claim for personal injury due to a condition of that property. The attorneys in our Firm can help you navigate the issues unique to these claims. 

Products Liability

From motor vehicle parts to household goods, the defense attorneys at Fisher Maas Howard Lloyd & Wheeler P.C. have represented businesses and companies in defending a product at issue.

Transportation / Trucking

Our defense attorneys have handled all aspects of commercial vehicle accident claims for many years. Whether you need legal representation within minutes after an accident occurs, or representation when a lawsuit is filed, our attorneys will assist you with your specific needs.

Worker's Compensation

Whether you are an employer or worker’s compensation insurance carrier, when a worker has presented claim, our Firm can help you prepare a response and defend the allegations made.  We can assist you in any aspect of your defense of a worker’s compensation claim.