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Most of us avoid thinking about what will happen when we lose our health or pass away.   Avoidance is fine if you aren’t concerned about the distribution of your estate, the welfare of your minor children, or health care directives should you become incapacitated.  Wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney, however, are available tools and can be used to prevent unintended events upon your death or disability.   Our Estate Planning and Administration attorneys are here to make the process of planning for your future as painless as possible, to listen to your needs, and to advise you on the options that are available and make the most sense for your specific situation.

The death or illness of a family member may require you to administer an estate.  We can help you understand how probate works so that you can make an informed decision for yourself and for your loved ones. We can assist you in moving through any process that is required.  Estate administration can be complicated and, at times, contentious.  The Firm’s years of experience in litigation and dispute resolution puts us in a position to assist you in resolving any dispute that arises along the way.

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