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If you are a business owner or property owner (or one of their insurers) and you have received a claim against you for contamination of your property or the property of others, you will need experienced guidance through the complex state and federal case law and statutes governing these claims in Indiana. The Firm’s environmental attorneys have represented insurers, manufacturers, dry cleaners, service stations, private landowners, recycling plants, landfills, large farming operations and small farms in claims involving both property damage and bodily injury.   We have defended our clients against these claims whether brought by the USEPA, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), neighboring property owners or individuals claiming bodily injury.

Our attorneys are adept at coordinating site investigations and working with environmental experts and remediation professionals to provide our clients with the most practical, expedient and cost effective resolution to their case.

The Firm’s environmental attorneys are also experienced in the defense of bodily injury and property damage claims relating to chemical exposure. They have defended a wide range of clients against injury claims resulting from exposure to PCE, TCE, asbestos, mold, chemical flavorings and additives, and pesticides.

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