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If your commercial vehicle is involved in an accident, you will require immediate assistance in order to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and investigate the cause. Fisher Maas Howard Lloyd & Wheeler has an “Immediate Response Team” which you can contact at any hour to arrange assistance at an accident site. Our team will preserve evidence, interview witnesses, ensure that scene photographs are taken, and advise your driver of his or her rights in regard to giving statements to others. Our team can arrange for the type of expert necessary, whether in the field of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, or accident reconstruction.  We have experience in conspicuity, mechanical failure, distracted and impaired drivers, tire failure and other causes. We are experienced in retaining the experts necessary to defend the often catastrophic damages claimed against your company and are familiar with the most effective medical experts and economists in our State. Should you need assistance on a trucking matter, please contact our team. 


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Call us at (888) 936-4594 if you’re in need of a rapid response accident investigation.

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